Ad Field is inspired by Million Pixel Script, which was released years ago.

The entrepreneur who created a site with Million Pixel Script attracted a lot of attention and became the focus of attention of advertisers. Based on this, we offer our website, which we opened with some differences, to the service of advertisers.

The advertisement you will place in the Ad Field will be published for 1 year. You will not have limit of impressions and clicks, you will be able to follow your statistics in detail with the advanced advertising system.

Is it safe?


Although there is an IP restriction in the advanced advertising system we are talking about, it is not possible to increase impressions or clicks through programs. The hits and clicks you get are completely natural.


Hemen reklam yayınınızı başlatmak için aşağıdaki ödeme sayfasından güvenli ödeme sayfasına geçebilirsiniz.